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About Us

   Source Broker Inc. was founded in 2001 by Enzo Muzzin.  Enzo has had over 25 years of experience in professional manufacturing and operations management including 20 years as an owner and manager of his own furniture manufacturing business prior to starting Source Broker Inc. The idea of an independent Sourcing company was conceived by Enzo during his years of ownership.  Enzo was continually frustrated with the limited Sourcing abilities of his purchasing Department.  He realized that a Purchasing Agent's primary role was to facilitate re-order's of primary production components rather than to search out new opportunities to upgrade the company's materials, suppliers or cut procurement costs. The purchasing dollar is continually undervalued by most companies.  One dollar saved in purchasing goes right to the bottom line.  Enzo recognized that what Owners and Purchasing Agents needed most was an independent Sourcing Agency who could independently focus on Sourcing services.

   Source Broker Inc. does not charge a service fee for its Sourcing services to its clients.  Instead Source Broker Inc. will negotiate a commission structure with the vendor to act as the ongoing sales agency for the chosen vendor on each transaction.  This does not add an extraneous cost to the buy/sell equation as companies normally employ a sales agent in this type of transaction.  Source Broker Inc. is an INDEPENDENT Sourcing company that will evaluate potential suppliers and their products.  Source Broker Inc. has a broad network of supplier information which it uses to evaluate potential business relationships.  Source Broker Inc. will only bring products and services of the highest caliber to its clients.  Once Source Broker Inc. accepts a Sourcing opportunity with a client it will continue to strive to bring procurement value to its clients until the project meets and exceeds the client's objectives.  Client projects range from manufacturing turnkey finished products to Sourcing new and better vendors to investigating cost cutting initiatives on existing purchased components.

    Source Broker Inc. has an attentive Sales, Sourcing, and Customer Service staff ready to serve you today.

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